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Brrrr... It's Cold Outside!!!

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Well winter has arrived in the Pacific Northwest & it has been cold, windy, icy & nasty! The mornings are starting off at around 29 degrees & the wind is gusting up into the 50+mph range. Real nice outside! It's even too cold to work in my shed. I understand how some pioneer women would lose their mind after being trapped in a cabin for weeks on end & listening to the never ending howling of the wind.

How are the rest of you faring?


Lot's of snow already .... my Jeep loves it!

Jeeps & snow can make for lots of fun!


Man, I always feel bad for northern riders at the time of year. I wore shorts and flip flops as we headed to the left coast to pick up an EX500 parts bike today.  8)

Awesome! :)


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