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What do you do for a living?

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As the title states, what pays the bills?
I am an electro/hyrdro/mechanical type & I work at a recycling plant.
I am the only person who works both in the plant(secondary) which is a lot of motor/gearbox/control wiring work and on the equipment-excavators, clamp type fork trucks, wheel loaders and anything with an engine.
I like what I do, what about you?

I'm a full time curmudgeon & hermit.

In a previous life I was a Carpenter & a Power Plant Operator.


41 years as a Marine Electrician.
Loved it.
Beat the hell out of sitting in an office all day and getting a fat ass.
Way too much time on my hands now.
But I have my CB 160 I'm rebuilding to keep me busy.
And lots of beer.
Especially now that winter is coming.

How about some pics of that CB?

I sell snowboards and skis in Florida. Also part time student.


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