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A Video Of My VT500FT In Action...


Here is my first attempt at a riding video.


Looks like a fun rod to ride!
Where was the camera mounted?

It's a great road! It's an old highway that has been replaced. They recently performed a bit of road repair & re-surfaced the street. Made it real nice.

I have a Go-Pro camera & one of these mounts: http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-ACMPM-001-Jaws-Clamp-Mount/dp/B00F19Q2R0/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1412776301&sr=8-10&keywords=gopro+mounts
I originally had planned to mount the camera on the right side of the bike, but I couldn't get a secure mount. So I pulled the left side cover off & clamped onto the frame tube closest to the batteries negative cable. I then bent the mounting stalk around my left leg & aimed the camera at the road. These cameras don't have a view finder on them, so you have to eyeball it, shoot some video & see what all is in the lens. I like that you can just make out my left hand operating the clutch. I was surprised at how loud the clunk is when the bike finds the next gear. The shaft drive creates a bit of noise also.

I have much to learn about this little camera & shooting quality video. I was disappointed that there isn't the sensation of speed in the video. Maybe that's a good thing in case a law enforcement officer watches the video. Of course I'm sure you all know that I follow the posted speed limits at all times.... No matter how abandoned or lonely the road is. ;) :D


Awesome! I could sense the speed...

I can't wait for next spring!


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