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Hi Ascots owners,

Does anyone know where the cooling fan inline 10amp fuse is located?
My fan is not switching on.
It works, I checked that before. In my clymer manual service book it says that if the cooling fan is not operating correctly, make sure that the inline fuse has not blown.
When I'm looking at the wiring diagram it looks like It's not located in the fusebox..?


It's under the seat, dangling from the wiring harness, inside a piece of rubber tubing. Kinda on the left (I think) above and behind the battery.


Thanks Buddy but I think you are talking about the main fuse(fusible link)
I now where that one is.

I'm searching for the cooling inline fuse.

Main fuse/fusible link is on the starter solenoid. The one dangling from the wiring harness is the fan fuse. It may be tied to the frame rail, tucked under where you can't see it. Dig around, it's there.


Ok... I must be an idiot since I'm not finding this fuse.  Can someone post an image of what it looks like so I can hone in on where it is?

Fan works, tested off the bike.....doesn't turn on with temp.


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