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There has been some discussion about oil coolers & how to plumb the cooler, etc.   Before I go any further, I am no expert on the subject & I'm only displaying pictures of one way to modify the side case. This side case came to me already modified. If someone knows of a better way to plumb a cooler, please post it up.

In picture #1, you can see the feed & return. You can also see the machine screw that has been used to intersect the internal oil passage.

In this next picture you will see where the set screw intersects & blocks the internal oil passage.

Here is the lower port. Drilled, tapped & fitted with an elbow.

I have seen one other FT Ascot side case that has been modified for an oil cooler. Instead of using a machine screw to block the oil passage, he used some JB Weld poured into the area where my finger is pointing. He made sure the area was clean & oil free before he applied the JB Weld.

There you have what is probably the most common way to tap into the system. Like I said, if someone knows of a better method, please let us know.



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