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Joe D.:
I need to replace the stem that's next to the flasher. I realized that the wire goes all the way through the stem to the bulb. Anyone ever do this?

Nope. Usually folks are trying to remove those stems to bring the lights in closer to the bike.

Do you already have the replacement stem? You will have to go inside the headlight bucket to find the wire connectors to the turn signal. Remove the headlight & carefully move the wires around until you find the right one for your turn signal. Disconnect the connector & then you can remove the turn signal to work on. It sounds worse than it really is. When you are trying to replace the headlight, make sure that all the wires are pushed to the back of the bucket so you won't pinch any.

Good luck

Joe D.:
Yes, I have the replacement already. I'll check it out, thanks.

It's a pile of spaghetti in there ... but once you find the 3 connectors your golden ;)

I did all four of mine last summer with OEM replacements that I found (over time) on EBay.  Piece of cake, and getting rid of those droopy cracked stalks makes the bike look a lot better.


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