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Hey everybody!

I have been lurking around here for a few months now ... figured I should introduce myself or more importantly the Ascot ;)

This gal was the first street bike, bought new from the dealer by my best friend when we were 16. It is also the first on road bike I ever rode.

Matt was a heck of a guy, a true friend and eventually an excellent example of the cop that you would want to pull you over, if it had to be done ;)

He went on to own several other bikes including a beautiful VFR750 that he raced through the police force... even went to Europe to race!

Sadly one evening when going off shift (in his truck) he was killed instantly by a drunk driver at only 27 years of age. This, of course had far reaching and very sad consequences for many, including myself. His Dad (my 2nd Dad) recently passed and much to my surprise he willed the bike, Matt's favorite, to me.

What an honour! ... and oh just a little pressure to do it right!

I had begun disassembling her with a view to full restoration. Then I found you guys and all your amazing ideas and have decided that a resto-mod would be closer to my vision. That back end needs some help. ;) The gas tank is off being professionally repaired due to the rust issue, but aside from that she is in pretty good shape. Just lots of refinishing and paint to be done. So... off with everything!

Thanks for all your collective info! It helps a Jeep guy get a handle on something a little smaller. ;)


I couldn't even wait to start tearing into her before I remembered to take my first pic. lol

Hey Luke, sorry to hear about your friend.

Look forward to seeing pictures of your restoration!

Welcome to the forum. I too am sorry to hear of your friends passing. I have also lost loved ones due to drunk drivers.

How many miles are on that bike? It looks real clean! What condition is the paint in? I'm a firm believer in trying to maintain the original paint whenever possible. They are only original once, after that... Well, it's just another painted bike. If the paint is already too far gone, then have at it.

The tail section offers many ways to clean it up. Only limited to your imagination.

Be careful tearing her down & take plenty of detail pictures to help jog your memory at re-assembly time.

Good luck & please keep us posted. We like build posts.

Welcome aboard Luke, looks like a pretty clean VT!
Looking forward to your build, Lefty.

Hey... Thanks guys!

32,000 km ~ 20,000 miles

Don't they all look good from that distance. ;) My first wish was to restore her and keep her as original as possible, but as I took stock of her condition I realized that was going to be tough. The frame needs to be painted. Too many little rust spots that will just get worse over time.

I'm still waiting for my repair manual to get here so just trying to keep my hands off of the complicated stuff ;)

Most of the damage is just to paint although I had to laugh when I tried to pull the battery... At one point my little buddy decided to put an AGM in that was too big... don't worry just shove! It took an afternoon just to get the cage bent back to it's original shape :)

Thanks again for the tips and welcomes!



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