Author Topic: 1982 Honda FT 500 Ascot - $700 - Portland, Or.  (Read 10736 times)


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1982 Honda FT 500 Ascot - $700 - Portland, Or.
« on: August 22, 2014, 12:02:25 pm »

Selling my 1982 Honda FT 500 Ascot, single cylinder thumper. I got this bike in a trade, put a bit of work into it to get it up and running. Alas, it needs some more love, and I have too many other projects going to keep this one.

The good: Got it running. Cleaned out the gunk in the carb, rebuilt the starter, new battery, new clutch cable, reinstalled the air box and filter, fixed the exhaust that was falling off.

The bad: Making a tapping noise somewhere in the engine compartment. I suspect it's a valve adjustment issue, because it's leaking a bit of oil from one of the valve covers. Just haven't had time to start taking it apart yet to be certain. Still missing a few parts: right side cover, a turn signal lens, exhaust collars on one side of the pipes, mostly little inexpensive things.

The ugly: Rattle canned flat black, kind of has a 'road warrior' look.

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