Author Topic: 1982 FT500 For Sale - South Seattle  (Read 10407 times)


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1982 FT500 For Sale - South Seattle
« on: July 10, 2014, 12:19:14 pm »

There is no contact info other than sending a message through Craigslist. Better hurry & make contact if interested.

I am selling this cherry red motorcycle in the heat of the summer, though it breaks my heart. I was using it as a commuter when I decided I needed to move up in size (I now ride a 650 V-strom).
This is the bike I learned to ride on and I would certainly recommend it: it is not terribly heavy, it won't go fast enough that you'll easily hurt yourself, and it is a reliable bike. The mileage is very low (around 9,000 - more later) and it runs perfectly right now, it doesn't need a thing.

Maintenance done while I had the bike:
7/31/2013 Fork Seal and Fork Oil Change
10/15/2013 Adjust Cam Chain Tensioner
10/31/2013 Oil Change
11/12/2013 Replace Chain and Sprockets
2/12/2014 Tires - Avon AM26 Roadrider
4/25/2014 Oil and filter change
5/13/2014 Replaced speedometer cable
4/30/2014 Replaced front/back brake pads

Good news - it runs just fine as is. I'll also give you my motorcycle cover (as seen in photos).

Negatives: here are a few things that, as a responsible seller, I feel you should know:
- The back brakes tend to rub a bit while it's cold and that can be disorienting due to the rubbing sound.
- The fork seals have split again since I fixed them. The forks themselves may need to be replaced if you are intending on a long-term project. However, I top it off with a bit of fluid and it is perfectly fine.
- The speedometer is currently broken. It's a $20 cable and is incredibly simple to install. That being said, the odometer is low by approximately 500 miles because I rode for about that many miles before getting my new bike and discontinuing riding the Honda.

Because I have put in so much money into the bike (see: brand new tires), the price is 1500 firm. Thanks.