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Falling even more in love with this bike!


Got the bike back up and running. Took it to work yesterday, but when I got off I went out and the battery was dead! Had security come over with a jumper box and nothing happened, so I did what any rational honda owner would do and push started it. It took me one try and I was on my way. Now I've heard that this isn't necessarily great to do with a bike but the battery is all charged up now and ran great today on my ride, aside from almost running out of gas! ::)

Be careful jump starting a bike. You can apply to much juice & fry some components.

Push starting the bike, if done correctly, shouldn't hurt it. I'm thinking that your battery may be dying. These FT Ascots require a lot of juice to start & your battery needs to be top notch. Below is a copy of a post that I've made several times on battery issues.

See if you have a Batteries Plus store nearby your home.
Take your battery there & ask them to test it. Most likely it is time to replace it. Do yourself a favor & step up to a "Made In The USA" sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) type of battery. Batteries Plus offers two types of AGM batteries. One made in China & one made in the USA. You want the USA manufactured battery. Be prepared to spend some money, but it's worth the extra $'s. While your at it, pick up a "Battery Tender". Batteries Plus offers a $10 off deal when you buy a battery & a Tender at the same time. http://www.batteriesplus.com/product_search/36126-Battery-Tender-Jr-dot-12V-750mAh-DASH--DASH-Deltran-Battery-Charger-DBT021--0123.aspx
The Battery Tender has a "Hard Wire Accessory" that comes with it. It allows you to add the wire to your battery terminals along with your bikes battery leads. Then there is a nice weather proof connector that you can route to an easy to reach location. Now when you park your bike, you can just connect your Battery Tender & plug it into the wall. This set up will provide you with a nice sealed battery that won't vent corrosive fumes onto parts of your bike & should last you a minimum of 5-6+ years of trouble free operation.

Good luck

PS. If you want to go super trick & remove five to ten pounds from your bike, check out AntiGravity Batteries. They are incredibly compact & usually weigh in at 3lbs or less. http://antigravitybatteries.com
Check out the pricing on Amazon.com

Well I did replace the battery last summer, but I'll look into it.


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