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Welcome to the new Ascot forum dedicated to the discussion of the Honda FT500 & VT500FT Ascots.

Hopefully you will like the features that it offers & consider it to be like your new home.

A forum such as this is only as good as its membership. Please feel free to post away & pictures are always welcome.

Thank you



Let's see how it goes.

Who's hosting the bandwidth?

Street Tracker 37:
Thank you for setting this forum up very cool. I did not receive an email for a confirmation but just logged in after registration and bam here I am! Look forward to seeing how this works for such a great and active group on yahoo. Hope you get some input from the group and that they can find this may work for them as well. I will build up my profile and start a thread for my machine!


--- Quote from: Perk on August 15, 2013, 08:55:06 pm ---Thanks,

Let's see how it goes.

Who's hosting the bandwidth?

--- End quote ---

You're welcome.

I'm using Go Daddy for everything. There may be better outfits out there, but I've had good luck with Go Daddy in the past. They're having a sale right now & it was surprisingly affordable to get started for a year. I figured that I'd give it a year to see if Folks like it or not.



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