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I recently decided to attempt to improve the airflow through my airbox. ;D

First I had to clean it up real well. There was a bit of oil & grime trapped in the bottom of the airbox.

I removed the rubber intake snorkle & cut the round base of it off with a razor knife. I kept the base to re-install in the airbox inlet.

I then took a spun aluminum velocity stack that I had picked up at a swap-meet & tested it for fit. I ended up wrapping the velocity stack with one wrap of 3/4" masking tape to act as a cutting guide. Then I took a good hack saw to the velocity stack & cut it along the tape line.

After cutting the velocity stack so it would be shorter & dressing up the cut. I re-installed the rubber ring that I had cut off the rubber intake snorkle & then pressed the velocity stack into the airbox air inlet.

Now the incoming air has a slightly larger intake opening with a nice radius to it to smooth that air flow.

I simply peened the interior side of the velocity stack to not only hold it firmly in place, but to also guide the filter cage into the center of the opening.

While I was at it, I drilled out the 3 rivits & removed the screen that is mounted inside the airbox. I filled the holes with some black RTV. Hopefully I will have the time to install the airbox back into the bike & test it out later on today.

Good luck


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