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Joe D.:
Hello everyone,
I own a 84 Ascot VT500. I'm on here to learn about maintenance, repairs and possibly some mods. Oh, I also live in Oregon.

Hey Joe, Welcome!

By any chance are you aware of the Yahoo VT500 Ascot Owners Group?
That is another huge Ascot knowledge base to be part of.

My first Ascot was a black '84 VT500FT. I bought it in the late 80's with only 5,2XX miles on it. I rode that bike a lot & really liked the bike! I regret selling it. I have another one now, but its not near as nice as the first was.

This forum & the Yahoo Ascot Owners Group are about the only sources of info that I know of on the bikes. There are some individual web-sites that are devoted to the Ascot here & there on the I'net for the searching that are good. You should pick up a service manual as soon as you can. That will be the best source of hard info. Congratulations on owning what I think is one of Honda's best looking bikes. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck


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