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Where can someone get these "performance cams" you speak of? I might like to try a set.


Let's start a new a new post in the Tech section. This one is getting off track.

Check here:


Great thread! I am very impressed with the 16" rear wheel/tire on your ASCOW, WMVII. It really makes the bike! I've always liked the VTs, but I never saw one with a 16" rear wheel, and I truly believe Honda's R&D guys messed up with that bigger rear w/t set up. Your conversion is a real badass & I love that 16" rear wheel, it absolutely KILLS, I love it!

Glad you like it Lefty - thanks!

The beautiful part is its the identical wheel pattern to the 18" original wheel and it just swaps straight over and maintains a stock look. Even the Avon AM26 Roadrider tires I have on it come in both rear tire sizes so I can swap back and forth and keep the front the same and everything matches.

In truth though the bike seems to handle a bit better with the 18" wheel (thats the way it is right now) but I can change it up in half an hour on a whim.  Even though the 16" wheel has a larger/taller tire, it is notably smaller in diameter - enough that Honda gave the Shadow's hub slightly taller gearing to compensate which provides a nice overdrive with the 18" wheel, but the reduced diameter of the wheel means the bike sits back a bit and evidently changes the rake/trail because with the 16" wheel on it it will headshake a little if you let go of the bars at city street speeds (easy fix = just don't do that!).  Raising the fork tubes to lower the front end to compensate would be another possible easy fix - I should try that next time I have an hour of play time :-)


--- Quote from: Trinorman on August 19, 2013, 05:55:18 pm ---John,

I'm the owner of the cafe Ascot that you started this thread with.


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Hi Chris I cut all the rest of the original post but I just wanted to say how nice this is. It was what I had in mind myself once, only I was going to start with the UK version but as always time/space/money and other things means it remains in my mind only. Nice to see something like I wanted to do in the flesh. Maybe one day things with me will change and I'll be able to think about it myself.


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