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Bill worked it out for you mathematically.  I can tell you from my perspective that I would be hard pressed to go back to the stock rear drive.  The bike just has more legs and the first 5 gears all seem more useful.  You will find yourself using 6th gear less unless you are on the slab.  Most of my riding is in the twisties so not used too much.  Plenty of acceleration.  I don't think you would be disappointed and the cost is minimal to try.


Hi Chris,

I've been giving this swap some serious thought. It goes along with my theory on building power & going faster. I believe that it is easier to build an engine that produces large amounts of low end torque, then gear it higher to gain the speed.

My worries are the twisties & the coming off a corner. Does the bike still have the acceleration to pull from a corner well?

Thank you


Yes, for me it does.  You've still got plenty of juice.  I have the stock airbox with a K & N filter and a more open exhaust. It now has Norton Commando peashoters on it which are straight through.  They are about 9"-10" longer than the Emgo shorty megaphones I had on it originally.  By my butt dyno they feel like they are better in the low to mid range, while the Emgos hit harder on top.  I prefer it with this current setup.



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