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Header OD dimension

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Can anyone tell me the outer diameter of the stock header pipe? I'm looking to (at the very least) replace the stock muffler & probably the header.

Hey there Lefty,

I had my muffler off a while back & measured the collector outlet O.D. Unfortunately I can no longer recall what the measurement was. Some help that was, eh?

I ordered a one piece reverse megaphone muffler offered by EMGO off of a seller on eBay. It came with 3 collars that are used as a shim to allow the muffler to fit several different sizes. Mine fit just fine, but it is a bit on the too loud side. EMGO has since released a nice black 2-piece reverse megaphone that you can take apart & re-pack the silencing core to make it more quiet.
Here is one:
There are several eBay sellers that offer the EMGO products, so it pays to shop around. The example that I listed wants far too excessive shipping, so I would search for a more reasonable seller. Here is the EMGO Exhaust Catalog PDF:
Check out Page #3 for some reverse megaphones. I like the Model #80-84030B.

Some guys have adapted a Sport-Bike cannistor type of filter, but you have to be careful that the cannistor isn't too large looking. For example:

There is also the Super Trapp type of muffler. Try to find one of their universal fit mufflers. This gives you the ability to adjust the amount of noise & how well the exhaust flows by adding or subtracting the silencer disks. For example:

I will see if I can't get you a measurement by the end of the day. I can at least get the muffler inlet I.D. for you.

Good luck

Thanks for the info J6G1Z, I'm most definitely going with the Supertrapp, I'm hoping to get the newer style, with the flat end, or the (I think it's called) the RDS model, which has the discs, but the outlet is more like the one in the 2nd link.
  From reading your posts, it looks like I'm going to have to fab up a hanger for it. I'm excited to get the performance level increased & do the 520 conversion,but it'll take time as I work crazy hors & have other obligations.
  Thanks again for your help, Brian.

Well I didn't have any luck in measuring the stock exhaust O.D. & I seem to have misplaced the original muffler.

The after-market performance header by ThumperStuff has an O.D. of 1.747", 44.4mm, or just about a 1 & 3/4" across with the tape measure.

Good luck

Thanks for that info J6, I found my extra caliper & measured the header- I got what you got, right around 1 3/4"


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