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--- Quote from: Dibingo on July 31, 2014, 01:49:39 pm --- :-\
--- Quote ---According to the company's tech rep the camshafts work in the VT Ascot.
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I have both camshafts (hawk and VT5), they are really different in their length.
It is just that the timing of valves is identical. (10/40/40/10)

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Interesting, are the cams longer, more lift or the overall length of the whole shaft?

No possible adaptation in my opinion!  ;D

How about this the vlx600 was modeled after the vt500 .... the 600s cylinder head is almost identical to the vt500 it looks as if the bolts will line right up. so im linking of boring my vt500 up to 600cc use the vlx600 pistons and cylinder heads and see how that goes ...


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