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Thanks for that info Buddy. I recently removed a VT air-box, but I was primitive in removing it. The air-box had a couple of cracks in it & looked to be allowing dirty air into the clean side. I wasn't able to get it out of the frame, so I broke out the sawz-all & sliced the air-box. :-[ It came out real easy then. :D

I don't recommend taking the sawz-all to perfectly good parts. If my air-box hadn't been cracked I wouldn't have cut it.

Good luck

Mine are cracked also. I'll bet it would be hard to find one that's not. Everyone should check theirs. Cracks in the box lets dirty air into the engine as you mentioned.

I'm gonna repair/modify mine and put them back. If it's made out of ABS I'll use acetone and Legos. If not I'll try some caulking I saw at the hardware store.


Buddy, great info, thanks. Regarding replacing the rear head gasket--I know the compression is good, so I'm just going to roll with it.

But this does open up the camshaft upgrade as an easy possibility. Will have to give that place a call once the ascot is running and I'm searching for that extra tad of HP!

An issue may be the worm drive for the rev counter.

On the later engines (Hawk, Deauville etc) the rev counter is electronic and the cam covers have no outlet.

Maybe just convert to electronic from a Hawk?

Here is an automotive engine related link with several pictures of various Port & Chamber work:  http://caddy500.com/index.php?topic=61.0
There are also a few "How-To" articles on porting.



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