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Hi From UK VT500 owner


Hi, I am Jim from Norfolk in the UK and run a website and Facebook group for the VT500. I bought mine as a real wreck after seeing somewhere on the 'net some  photos of the amazing silver cafe that also features on your forum. There was very little info out there about the Euro version of the VT so I have added what I can to as I find the info. We now have nearly 300 'likes' on facebook from all over the world. It was through one of our FB members that I found this forum

I'll post links to you on the website on my next update as there is some great info here thats relevant to all the VT family of bikes.

Hey there Jim,

Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to add links & promote your VT500 forum here. Anything that broadens the learning experience is welcome. The Euro version looks like a great bike!



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