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Other VT500's ?

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Will you be welcoming other vt500's into the fold too?
I couldnt find an Ascot here in the UK so decided to build my own :)

The progress so far...

Nice clean looking site by the way  8)

Very cool looking bike!

What was the base model? Looks like an Ascot engine.

I didn't include the Shadows because I don't know anything about them & figured that they already had a few forums to choose from. This forum is intended more for the "Street Tracker" type of bikes.


Tis indeed an 'Ascot' motor. The bike is /was a 500 shadow, tail end removed and replaced and also extended forward a little to raise the back end of the tank about 4 inches in an attempt to get the bottom of the tank and new seat base in a straight line and parallel to the ground.
pics attached...

as it came out of the van

in with its stablemate

the point of no return

new subframe on and exhaust fabricated which sounds a bit nice and produces fire when cold  :o

Gave the frame a coat of primer today so hopefully the frame will painted in the next few days.Then just got to decide on a colour for the tank etc , get some lights, switchgear etc, make some side panels, find an 18inch wheel ....... :D


For some reason your pictures aren't showing up. It would be better if you used the forums picture feature at the bottom of the posting window.

That's an ambitious project & looks good.


Interested to see how it turns out  :)

Keep us posted.

Was interested in using this frame myself to benefit from the potentally lower seat height that this frame will allow.


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