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Funny & Stupid Signs...

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Anybody been out cruising around & run across a sign that made you think twice? Here are a few that I have run across in my travels.

Check out this sign located at the end of a sidewalk that runs in front of a large church.

Now this sidewalk is only about 1.5 football fields long... And here is the sign at the other end of the sidewalk.

I guess that people are devolving to the point that they require a sign to save them from the painfully obvious.

Now here's a sign that I saw downtown & just had to stop to take a picture.

Kind of makes you wonder what the "Soup Of The Day" might be. I would definitely avoid any Tea.  :o

Now I didn't take these last two pictures like I did on the last three signs & maybe you have seen them before, but... 

I suppose that it was bound to happen sometime....

...And finally, the last sign that I have to share with you all....

I don't know what the Property Developer was thinking when he laid out these streets...


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