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i now know what 30 year old fork oil looks like!

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just changed the fork oil and seals on my 82 ft.

talk about silver/grey/sludge! lol

put new 20wt in it as the roads here are crap.

taking it out for a test ride soon.

Let us know what you think of the change.

the difference is amazing!
its like a whole new bike. its a stiffer ride, not quite sport bike, but more than Harley type.
i kept the air pressure at ambient(0psig).
the bike just rolls right over bumps/lumps(well the front end at least), and the steering is so quick!

next is the shock rebuild: :o

Excellent! I need to do mine also.

When I owned my VT500FT, I had a large syringe type of air pump designed for pumping up forks. I found that 10psi in the forks worked great. I have not seen those types of pumps in a long time. You don't want to use your air compressor unless you want to change your fork seals again.


10psi??? I thought the max was 5?


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