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So... What All Have You Done To Your Ascot?

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I have an '83 FT that is mostly stock. It is a fairly low mile bike & I plan to keep it as original as possible.

Either I, or the P/O, have performed most to all of the tricks described in the "Ascot Essentials" such as the petcock mod, air-box mod, jetting, 16 tooth countershaft sprocket & a Cobra F1 slip on muffler. These tricks have turned the bike into a great runner. I have also changed the original tires to a pair of Avon Road Riders. The bike is intended to be strictly a street bike & dual-purpose tires would just not do for me.

I ride the bike fairly aggressively & love the twisty mountain back roads.

I have picked up another FT500 that was involved in a low speed dump. That bike is receiving the full treatment more or less & will make for another posting down the road.


UPDATE: I have since installed the ThumperStuff performance header & the Rick's CDI ignition. The bike runs even better than ever.

  the  bike  begs  for suspension  work.  unfortunetly  that  is  big  money  for  the forks  to be  done up  right.  shocks  can  be  had  for  a  reasonable  price...    did  a  supertrapp    can  from  a  FJ 1100  on  mine.  K & N in  the  stock  air box.  rifle  1/4  fairing. and  big gearing  changes  + 1 on  the CS  and  down  3 teeth on  the  rear,  along  w  quality  rubber....

im just doing the cheap or basics:
carb jets, chain and front sprocket, forks heavy oil, brighter headlight.

still to do:
shocks, foam air filter, seat re-padded.

Seized it!!! :(


--- Quote from: Dougie on September 15, 2013, 01:23:29 pm --- Seized it!!! :(
--- End quote ---

OH NO!!! :o  :'(

How'd you manage that?



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