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How To Post Pictures

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Here is your pic sized to 700 wide.

Here is your pic at 800 wide.


--- Quote from: J6G1Z on August 19, 2013, 10:29:45 am ---Number 3) Just shows the dreaded red X. :(

The problem with using outside picture sites, is if you close the account or delete some of your pics at a later date, then the forum post just shows red X's.

I hate the red X. Nothing worse than reading someones great post & then finding the red X instead of the pic. :'(


You can't post a pic in the middle of your post & then type more letters underneath the pic. That's kind of a drag, but I've become used to it & just start a new window for a new pic.


--- End quote ---

Hi J, I'm with you on the dreaded red X! and its a bit of a palaver but you can reference your own attachment

to put a pic in the text if you really want to ;)

Hey... How did you do that?

I'm not very computer literate & don't know all the little tricks that can be done.


hi J
to put pics inline within the text, you just use the insert image icon and reference your own attachment instead of an off site image, that way as long as your attachment is left in place there will be no red x.

1. create post with pics as attachments and post it. Then view your post.
2. open a second tab or window in your browser and navigate to your post.
3. choose modify post.
4. place cursor within text where you want pic to be and using the 'insert image' icon above
5. switch to other tab or window, click on and expand your chosen attachment, right click and choose 'copy image location'.
6. switch back to other tab and paste link between the brackets (img) paste here (/img).
repeat if desired.
save post.

like i say , a bit of a palaver, but simple enough if the post requires in line pics, for example on a 'how to'.


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