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How To Post Pictures

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How to post pics.

The hardest part for me was trying to keep track of & find the pictures on my computer. What I ended up doing was to just create & keep a folder on my desktop for my pics. You can do that by placing your cursor on a blank area on your screen & using the right click button on your mouse. Right click & scroll down the drop down menu to “New” and then over to “Folder”. Once you left click on “Folder” you will now have a “New Folder” on your desktop. Now you need to name your folder. Once you’ve figured out what kind of catchy name you’re going to use, you will need to place your cursor below the folder on the area that says “New Folder”. Use the right click button again & scroll down to “Rename”. Now you can type in your new name. I typed AAA in front of the new name on mine. This will help later on.

O.K. Now we have our cool folder for our pics. I’m going to assume that you know how to get the pics off your camera & into your cool new folder. If your not sure how to do this. You can send me a PM & I’ll see if I can help you out.

So now we want to make a post with a few words & a pic or two. There are a few things you might have to do first. The pics must be no larger than 500KB each and sized to around 800 wide. I let the length adjust accordingly.

There are several ways to accomplish this. A few years ago I was told about a free program to resize & compress pics called: "Image Optimizer" at: http://xat.com/io/index.html

Now we have a pic that will fit. We will either be starting a new topic or replying to one and we have our panel open where we usually type. You have to put something in this field whether it’s words, an icon, an X or even a number. Just something. Next you will look towards the lower left corner & see where it says “Additional Options”. Left click on that & it will open up. If you look down you will see where it says “Attach:” Just to the right is a long white rectangle & a button labeled “Browse” You want to click on the Browse button. That will open a new panel usually in the top left of your screen. It should say “Choose File” at the top. Below that you should see where it says “Look In” & next to that another white rectangle with a drop down arrow at the end. Click on that arrow & look for your cool new folder. The triple A’s should place it fairly near the top. Once you’ve found your folder you will click on it. That will open it up & show you your pics. Select the pic you want & double click on it. Now your pic should be in the white rectangle between the word “Attach” and the button labeled “Browse”.

Now go to the bottom & hit either “Preview” or “Post”.

If your pic was sized correctly you should be done or ready to post another.

Your picture will be displayed as a midsized thumbnail pic. If you place your cursor on the picture & click on it, it will become full size.

Once you’ve done it a time or two, it will go faster than reading this instruction. I hope I’ve explained it well enough that it is easy to understand & follow.

Good luck & please let me know if I can help you any.

Street Tracker 37:
Test my Ascot

Looks like you have it all figured out.

Great looking bike. I'm partial to the black ones.


just a quick test to see what can be seen and what cannot. In another post you say my pics dont show but i can see them (logged in or out) so this is in the spirit of testing compatibility.  :)
(btw I'm using firefox 23. Linux Mint )

Could you let me know which work  :)

1. using the mona lisa insert image icon above  and pasting a web link between the brackets ...

2. using the same insert image icon but pasting an image from a web image hosting place ( dropbox)


3. just posting the same link without the


4. Using the 'attach' facility bottom left ...

I can browse and select a pic (500x333 78kb) but i cannot seem to attach it ??

EDIT: yes i can!  :-[
the attachment does not show in the preview but is indeed there when posted.


Number 3) Just shows the dreaded red X. :(

The problem with using outside picture sites, is if you close the account or delete some of your pics at a later date, then the forum post just shows red X's.

I hate the red X. Nothing worse than reading someones great post & then finding the red X instead of the pic. :'(

When you use the forum attachment feature, that doesn't happen. The pics can be sized as wide as 800 & the length can just maintain the aspect ratio. Pics need to be no larger than 128256 KB. You can post as many as four pics in each post as long as the total size doesn't exceed 192KB. About the only negative feature about the forum attachment feature is that all the pics appear as thumbnails at the bottom of your post. You can't post a pic in the middle of your post & then type more letters underneath the pic. That's kind of a drag, but I've become used to it & just start a new window for a new pic.

When you click on the thumbnail of the pic it becomes as large as you sized it. That is why I like to use between 700 to 800 wide. That fills most screens without having to scroll to the right or left to see the whole pic.

If you don't have a picture sizing program on your computer, try downloading the "Image Optimizer" from  http://xat.com/io/index.html

It's free to download & fairly easy to use once you figure it out. What is real nice is that you can size & optimize a whole batch of pics at once. You just select the pics that you want to use, set the physical dimensions & the max KB, then hit the Optimize button & away it goes.

Here is your pic at its original size.



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