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Highway riding?


Do you guys ride on the highway? Long distances?

How's the bike handle it over time? Is it excessive wear on the engine?

My bike doesn't seem to care much for exceeding 65 or so....

Have you re-jetted your carb yet?

If not, you need to do that. Then you can change the countershaft sprocket to a 16 or 17 tooth & that will help immensely.
I ride mine at 70+ on the freeway all the time.

Good luck

Mine doesn't like anything over 65 either. Like J said, get the upgraded jets and change your front (countershaft) sprocket to a 16 (17 if you are going to do mostly highway riding) and I would also suggest getting a bolt on fairing like a spitfire.

Re-jetting the carb allows the engine to actually start producing 500cc type of power, instead of feeling like a 350cc bike.

Modifying the air cleaner will help a bit also.

Once the bike is making more power, it can pull the taller gearing & will lope down the freeway much better. Of course rider weight has an effect on the bike. If your a Big Boy, obviously the bike has to work a bit harder to get you moving, plus you are more of a wind block. I'm a 5'8" 200 pounder & the bike moves me just fine. I do have an after-market slip on muffler on my bike that probably helps a bit also.

Read the "Ascot Essentials" article & at the very least, re-jet your carb. It really helps.

Good luck

I think my bike's already been geared up by a previous owner, it does top out over 90, someday somehow. I don't feel comfortable holding the throttle wide open all day though, that can't be good on anything. It just cant pull the gear. I'm going to count the teeth.

Re-jetting it? Will do. I suppose the EPA had something to do with this.

I like that link.

Someone actually lowers the bike half an inch? You must be short!


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