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Honda CBR600 Wheels & Front Suspension Swap

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Thanks, thats great info.
Your bike has a lot of nice goodies on it!

You stayed with the 130 width, never considered a 140 or 150?
140 would fit best on the 3.5 rim I think but I don't know about clearance in the swingarm espescially with the chain.

I run a 130/70 17 on the BMW spoked wheel and would have clearance for the 140 I think but so much has been changed on the bike that it's hard to tell with a CBR wheel

Whoops, typo in my previous post (which I've fixed) - the 130 Bridgestone has a 90 aspect ratio, not a 70.

That's what I've got on my bike now:  130/90-17 bias ply Bridgestone BT45.  No swingarm clearance problems on the LH side, ~4mm of clearance on the RH side.  No centerstand clearance problems either, but about the same #s as with the swingarm.  Plenty (~1") of chain clearance.

I appreciate folks have different philosophies on the matter, but as a rule of thumb I fit the narrowest tires that'll fit, to get the performance/handling I'm looking for.  I started with the 130, it met my needs, so I stuck with it!


--- Quote from: kansloos161 on May 06, 2020, 05:52:44 am ---I might be getting a second FT to turn into a classic racer.
I am looking at the Hurricane swap but am in doubt due to the difficult tire size.
What is your experience so far? Can you get any decent tires for it?
Did you manage to fit the 160 or did you have to go narrower?


--- End quote ---

Went narrow. No need for extra width & weight on a bike with less than 50HP.,79.msg660.html#msg660


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