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Honda CBR600 Wheels & Front Suspension Swap

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I found a 1989 Honda CBR600 that was being parted out.

This model has 17" wheels on each end & the rear wheel is only 3.5" wide. I bought the complete set of forks, both wheels, all the brakes, disks, etc.  The CBR forks slide right up through the OEM Ascot triple clamps. Just loosen the bolts, slide out the old forks, then slide the CBR forks into place & tighten the bolts. Simple as that.

The rear wheel slips right into place as long as you have the entire assembly including the cush drive/sprocket carrier, left hand axle spacer, right hand axle spacer & brake mounting bracket. The Ascot axle & the CBR axle are almost identical. I used the OEM Ascot axle.

I will have to fabricate a short strap type of bracket to mount from the right side of the swingarm to attach to the brake caliper bracket. The OEM Ascot bracket could most likely be modified to work by cutting it, but it is somewhat of a homely looking bracket.

This swap is incredibly simple & it goes together like it was designed for the Ascot. The CBR forks are shorter than the Ascot forks & lowers the bike substantially. The oil sump & the footpegs are starting to become pretty close to the ground. I plan to adapt some rear-set pegs from a GSXR to gain some cornering clearance, but you need to keep the sump in mind. Right now the rear wheel has a 160 series of tire on it. It is too wide & rubs the right side of the swingarm. I will be replacing the rubber with the most narrow size that I can mount on a 3.5" wheel.

My gearing has been changed also. Not only is the CBR wheel 17" instead of the OEM 18", but the CBR rear sprocket has 44 teeth vs. the Ascots 42 teeth. I don't know how much that will affect the bike. I usually change the countershaft sprocket to a 16 tooth instead of the OEM 15 tooth, but have not done that yet. I'm considering a 520 chain swap also, but need to learn more about it.

That's about all I can think of to share with you all on this swap. I will take some pictures at a later date when the bike is cleaned up & assembled.




Here is my rear caliper stay that I fabricated real quick. Unfortunately it rubs on the OEM shock. I'm hoping that the new Hagon shock will clear.

My original front master cylinder was damaged & needed to be replaced. I started looking on eBay for one & found this Brembo front master cylinder & lever off of a fairly new Ducati for the same price range. Now I have some cool Italian Super-Bike parts on my Ascot. 8) :D


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