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VT500 Swingarm Nut Removal Tool

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Here is a company that manufactures a castellated tool that will remove the special nut that Honda used to secure the swing-arm.

eBay item number: 301011551066

The Ad states that they don't ship to the USA, but they will if you contact them by e-mail & place the order. The e-mail address is:

With the money conversion, the part cost me $35.21. That's better than the $60+ that the Honda dealer wants.

Good luck

Kettle One:
Here's one on eBay right now:

I'll pass on it. I've ordered one of Kev's from the UK.

Interesting style of tool. I think the UK version of the tool looks easier to use.


Well my VT500 swingarm nut removal tool arrived yesterday. I was shocked at how quickly it arrived. I placed some other orders on that same day for parts located in the USA & they have yet to arrive. The tool looks real nice! Well machined & strong looking, very solid! It's a specialty tool that I probably won't use very often, but when the time comes that I need it, I'll have it handy & at about half the price of the Honda parts dealer.

Thanks Kev for the nice piece of machine work, great price & fast shipping.


Great news! I havent had any luck sourcing the orig. Honda part for less then 91,oo eur!


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