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High Performance Exhaust System For The FT500

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Street Tracker 37:
I more than likley would be interested once all the facts are known.

Interesting looking exhaust system.  From the photos included it appears that the head pipes join in front of the crankcase (ahead of the stock joining point of the head pipes).  I assume that these are single wall pipes.  Any dimensions--head pipe ID, intermediate pipe ID, outlet OD, ect?  How many separate pieces are there, or is the header system all one piece? If you could nail down an exact price that would help.  Probably the more sets ordered the lower the price??  Thanks for all the work on this!!


I'll take one.

The header assembly is single wall & is a copy of the White Brothers pipe, which I believe was a copy of the HRC pipe. The header is one piece if I understand correctly & then you add the muffling section of your choice.

Here is a drawing of the HRC pipe with a few dimensions.

This new pipe is already finished with a ceramic type of coating. I'm still trying to collect more facts & maybe I can get the manufacturer to reply directly to the forum. I will be e-mailing a link to this post directly to him. He doesn't mess with the computer much, so we'll see.

Thank you for your interest

J6G1Z, any info on what this muffler is or where to track one down?


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