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High Performance Exhaust System For The FT500

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There have been a few questions about the collector/outlet diameters.

Here is a pic of the ThumperStuff header outlet.

...And here is the OEM pipes outlet. Notice that it has a muffler gasket that increases the diameter.

One of the several items that made an impression on me, was the OEM head-pipes inside diameter. When you remove the OEM pipe & look into the head-pipes, it's shocking how much the pipe tapers to a much smaller I.D. I used an inside diameter expanding gauge to measure the I.D. (Please excuse the blurry pic)

The OEM head-pipes I.D. measures: .837"

The ThumperStuff head-pipes I.D. measures: 1.22"

That is a sizable difference! If anyone else needs any measurements, please let me know by PM.


I was amazed at how much larger Mark's pipes are, at first I didn't realize the OE were double walled.
I'm very excited to get my bike back on the road, by next week it should be ready- i rejetted & set my air filter on fire to add the green foam & oil.
Will let you all know how it goes.

Are the header pipes still available and can they be shipped to the UK


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