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High Performance Exhaust System For The FT500

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How many people would absolutely commit to purchasing a performance exhaust header system for their FT500?

The system would not be complete with a muffler. It would only consist of the head pipes, down tubes & collector section. You would have to source your own muffler from either a Sports Bike, an EMGO reverse megaphone, or a Super Trapp universal muffler, etc. The exhaust is patterned after the old White Brothers Ascot pipe.

I need an absolute commitment & probably a down-payment to place the order. Of course if the order was not completed for whatever reason your money would be 100% refunded.

I know of a manufacturer that is sitting on a pile of these exhaust systems that are not 100% completed yet. He ran out of steam on finishing the project due to lack of sales. If we can show enough interest, I'm thinking we could get him to finish the pipes & sell them.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you

Do you know how much he wants John?

I believe the head pipes are in the $165 range. I need to verify that for certain though. I'm just trying to see how much interest there would be.


Here are a couple of pictures that show how close the pipes follow the frame.

Here are a few more pics that show some different muffler options.


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