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Here is another company that is trying to produce performance parts for our FT500's.

Check out Randakk's & keep checking back often for new additions.

Below is a picture of their race bike. Looks nice doesn't it?

Good luck


Thanks very much. As you've noted, we've just added a line of Honda FT500 Ascot single stuff:

More importantly - in the next few weeks, I will be adding a proprietary Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit + Carb Overhaul Booklet authored by noted vintage Honda wizard Mike Nixon for these marvelous bikes!

Also, in 2014 Randakk's will be the primary sponsor for an FT500 Ascot to be campaigned in the AHRMA road-racing series - Vintage Superbike Lightweight class. My rider is Chris Carr - an ace and former national champion.

Stay tuned for more details at:

Attached is a photo of the bike we will be running in 2014 (photo taken at Barber Motorsports Park with previous class champ Becky Baker aboard).

Chris Carr running that FT? You're not kidding, that guy is a true hired gun.

Out of curiosity, what will we be getting with your new master Carb Overhaull Kit?


For 5 years I sponsored another really fast guy in AHRMA racing - Dennis Parrish.  Dennis won several national championships during our association but decided to retire.  I had the luxury of picking from several really talented riders, but Chris kept floating to the top of my list.

I haven't set the price yet on the new FT500 Ascot carb kit, but it will certainly be our least expensive kit since there is only one carb per bike and the parts count is relatively low. 

R&D has been relatively straightforward. We already had 95% of all needed components on the shelf since they are "shared" with other carbs in the same Keihin architecture "family."

Right now, I'm waiting on my friend Mike Nixon to finish the companion booklet we will offer with the carb kit.  Mike is an exceptional resource partner. He should  have the new booklet ready in a few weeks.

See Mike's excellent website:


Will this be a performance enhancing overhaul kit, or an OEM replacement type of kit?

I have often wondered if there is hidden power to be had by tweeking the original carb vs. just replacing it with a larger slide operated carb that does not have the accelerator pump feature.

Thank you


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