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Kettle One:
Hello everyone,
I am new to this Forum, but a member of a few others. I have a few vintage and less vintage bikes as you can see and I have done everything from basic resurrections to full-on restorations. I recently picked up a VT500 from a friend. It was running at one time (I saw You Tube videos to prove it!) but it is now dead. I hooked up a battery and got lights but when I hit the starter, the lights go dim and nothing. No clicks from any relays either. I took the starter switch apart and reassembled it but that did nothing. I am thinking starter solenoid, but I would really appreciate any guidance from here, especially if there some "usual suspects" associated with the VT500.
Many thanks and looking forward to being a member.

my check list would be...
1. Is the battery definitely a good 'un?
2. am I 100% sure that the battery's a good 'un?  ???
3. check all connections at battery/ solenoid/ frame/ all connectors under seat and in line to the starter switch etc.also checking loom for abrasions/defects.
4. if its been fiddled with since running double check that the  yellow and blue ign. coil wires are on the correct coils, front and rear.
mine wont turn over if they are swapped (damhikt  :-[)
5. Try a different battery  ::)

The headlight is supposed to turn off when you hit the starter switch so all the battery power goes to the starter.

My FT500 Ascot has a fusible link hidden in a plastic cover on the side of the starter relay. I'm not sure if the VT500 has the same thing or not.

Another good source of information is:

Good luck

Kettle One:
Looks to be starter solenoid is the problem. Starter motor spins freely when hot wired. New solenoid ordered.

Nice! I'm looking into getting a VT500 as well.


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