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From a quick glance it looks like...

Large Red wire should run from ignition switch to fuseable link hidden on the side of the starter relay & to starter.

Green/Red looks like the Clutch & Starter interlock.

Black looks like a common wire that runs to most all the lights & maybe a ground. (I've also found Green as a Ground on my bike)

There are a few Black combination wires like Black/Brown, Black/White, etc, so you will have to look real close at the black wires to make sure that they are indeed black, or if they have a stripe.

Good luck

Small update,
 Low and behold the beast runs!!!  Now our problem is the hole were the starter bendex is located.
It is completely worn out and allows the rotating clutch to burry it self against side cover. We will have to have this welded and redrilled for now I have back filled with JB weld but no this is not permanent.
This is a great relief as we were considering finding another project but now I'm all in.
We have some before pictures and some crazy frame only shots and will post once I figure out how maybe just send them to you to upload.
 The boy wants to gut the exhaust pipe so he can hear the bike in race traffic. Anybody herd one gutted or should we get a aftermarket (too spendy)our decibel limit is 104 at 24 inches .
 More updates soon
Brock and Blake

Great news! It's always good to hear them fire up.

As for the pictures... Look at the bottom of the forum to the "Testing Board" that's where you can experiment with posting pics. There is a write up on how to do it using the forums software.
The most difficult part of posting pictures is to make sure that they are sized properly. They need to be no larger than 128KB & 800 wide. That size fits the pages the best.

You could also just e-mail them to me at: John at Ascot500 dot Com and I will post them up for you.

As for an exhaust system... Mark at Thumper Stuff had some exhaust systems bent up much like the old White Brothers pipe. Unfortunately the manufacturer that bent up the tubing mounted the head-pipe mounting flanges too far away from the end of the tubing. So the tubing needs to be shortened or longer exhaust studs need to be used.
I've been after him for a few months to fix one or two to sell to me, but so far he's been busy with other aspects of his business. If more Ascot owners were to call him & show interest in purchasing some pipes, I think we could get some done.

There is a napkin drawing of the HRC Ascot race pipe in the Technical Section if you are talented enough to fabricate your own.

Of course you could always just remove the OEM muffler & install an EMGO reverse megaphone like I did on my FT500/CBR600 Hybrid.  It bolts right up with just some light modification of the muffler hanging strap. This is barely a muffler & is probably too loud for a street bike. There are some with a removable end cap that are repackable & sound much quieter, but they are chrome finished.

That's about all I know for an FT500 performance pipe. The pipe from Thumper Stuff would be the best option, or fabricating one like the HRC pipe. The OEM head pipe is double wall construction & the inner tubing will eventually break loose & start rattling around.

Good luck & please let us know what you end up doing.


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