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Stripping down a bike I just bought to be a flat track racer which wires can be cut off without any problems? And which ones do I absolutely need to keep? There will not be any lights, blinkers, speedo, anything, just starter and rectifier will be kept. Any help would be great thank you. If you need parts I probably have it

Welcome Mxr1119,

Sounds like a fun project. Do you have a Honda Service Manual? If not then you should pick one up. Ebay will probably be your best bet. I was looking for an FT500 wiring diagram online, but struck out. The Ascot has a dual electrical system, so what you want to do is possible. You just need to learn & verify which wires are what. Of course you could just disconnect & remove all the lights & guages, etc. & tape off the remaining wires at the connectors & then hide them on the backside of the frame tubes. Meanwhile check out the PDF link below & I'll see if I can't find some more info or links for you to check out.

Good luck

Here is a link to some wiring diagrams for the FT500.
Sometimes these links won't open correctly unless you right click on them & then select "Open" from the drop down menu.

I can't recall anyone converting their Ascot to strictly a dirt bike so I cannot answer your question any better than just providing the info that I've found so far. If I hear or find anything more, I will post it up for you.

Good luck

PS. Please consider doing a complete bike build post. Everyone enjoys following along other peoples bike builds. Plus it motivates the other guys & gals that are working on their bikes.

Hello, that is my son that posted above. And would like to add some more information.
So he is a teenager who bought this bike in NorCal from an old man who stored it in his kitchen for 12 years. He must of been single... Anywho he paid 200 for it  brought it home in hopes to put it on the flat track for experience before going to the more competitive open classes. My directions were to pull off all lights and crap like that. After working out of town I come home to find the once complete bike stripped to the frame and all wires cut.damn
He got a manual and I have most put back together. There just seems to be a few wires with no landings.
For example large red with power..
Pair of blacks
We have seen a few of these on the net that have been torn down but no address of the builders.
Our local bike shop said don't waste your time . So F them.
We have a couple of months to complete so any help would help

Thanks for putting up with us

Welcome to the board Brock & Son, Here is a link to the only wiring diagram & electrical information that I've been able to find on the I'net.

I think that should cover most of your bases. It's too bad someone just started cutting, instead of tracing the wires back to the connectors. Usually Honda is real good about terminating the wires with various types of quick disconnectors. The major connections are usually stashed inside the headlight bucket.

Try the link that I posted & see if that doesn't help some. If you have any more questions, please feel free to fire away. I'd like to see your project if you guys have the time & means of taking pictures. I can help you get them posted on the board if you don't know how.

Good luck


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