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How To Remove Trip Odometer Reset Knob?


By any chance does anyone know how to remove the trip odometer reset knob?

Is there a small screw inside the knob that threads into the reset shaft?

I know that it doesn't just pull off. I can move it easily about 1/8th of an inch back & forth on the reset shaft, but it will not pull off. It feels as if there is a set screw somewhere that retains it onto the shaft.

Thank you

Well... After locating a magnifying glass & using a better source of light, I was able to just barely make out the tell-tale sign of the Phillips pattern way down inside the reset knob. There is no way that I have a Phillips screwdriver that small. Were talking eye-glasses screw type of small. Fortunately I do have a small set of jewelers screwdrivers, but they are all flat blades. Luckily the screw wasn't very tight & I was able to back it out with a very small flat blade screwdriver.

Now for all you Ascot owners out there... I recommend that you go right out to your bike after reading this & try to wiggle your trip odometer reset knob. If there is any play in it, you may want to try & remove that screw. Then put some Lock-Tite on the threads & tighten it back up. Be very careful not to drop the screw, as you may never find it again.

Good luck

Mine fell out in 1984 i think.


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