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The '82 XR came with a 34mm Keihin round-slide; I don't believe it had an accelerator pump. When I say "came alive", I mean it turned into a monster! We always wondered how much came from the cam, and how much came from the carb. I've got both the cam and the carb, and I'm debating on which to try first. My gut feeling is that the carb with the stock cam will perform better than the cam with the stock carb. Which test would you guys like to see first: a cam swap or a carb swap?

Well, I'm interested in doing a needle bearing performance camshaft upgrade myself someday.

Swapping on the carb, with the stock cam, will be the easiest to do & likely what most owners would probably do first.


It seems my stock carb is about to give in, I had a local Carb-shop look at it and they said that the vacuum parts look real sad.(which hopefully explains why its so hard to start) So I have started looking in to upgrading to a Mikuni round slide(Mikuni VM 36-4). I run my FT stock at the moment. Do you guys think that 34mm or 36mm is the best choice? Will probably install a pod filter with the new carb. And is it a bad thing to go for a carb without accelerator pump?

There are a few Mikuni carbed bikes over on the Yahoo Owners Group.

I recall hearing that a 34mm Mikuni was good for a stock bike. If you have plans for a camshaft swap or other modifications, a 36-38mm would be better.

Whatever carb you end up using. You will need a 90 degree throttle cable outlet at the top of the carb to clear the frame.

Good luck

Do I need buy a carb with the 90 degree elbow or is possible to buy the elbow separate?
I also found a used 37mm flatside mikuni for sale in my town, Anyone have any experience with them?
Edit: I have been searching for info on the 37mm mikuni, but I can't find any. The seller probably got it wrong in the ad.


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