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Large FT500 Ascot Knowledge Resource - Yahoo Group


Here is a link to a large FT500 knowledge resource available on the 'net.
It is a Yahoo Users Group so you may need a Yahoo e-mail to view it.

A substantial amount of information on working on & modifying your FT500 has been compiled over many years. A big "Thank You" goes out to the authors.


Here is a link & directions to download & save the "Files" section of the Yahoo FT500 Ascot group. There is a lot of excellent information available.!uYIhhaIT!ObcoXzrGDQbjg-aEQkVfvOmOqiMQaqgEV4YX4GkfB40

Just a reminder for anyone who might have missed this in the middle of an earlier thread. I spent some time and have all but a couple trip reports, downloaded to my computer. Zipped the entire batch & uploaded to Mega. This link will allow downloading without requiring an account at Mega. The Mega download page will appear as if you need to create an account, but the download will be proceeding and all you need do is just wait for it to finish

This includes the service manual, wiring diagrams and everything I was able to find here. The only thing I did not bundle into this are the group photos. The two trip reports I couldn't get have some weird error, I couldn't even view those two


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