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WTB - Body panels, fuel tank, misc bits


So recently, I got my hands on a withering skeleton of an '83 VT Ascot as a restoration/restomod project. A functional powertrain and electrics have been donated by a similar vintage Shadow, now I need the Ascot bits that make it an Ascot. Which means I'm after the following:

-Side cover panels (left/right)
-Fuel tank
-Rear license plate mount
-Ignition coil to body mount
-OE gauge cluster
-OE exhaust (missing the 2-1 collector and rearward, will take full exhausts in good shape)
-OE headlight
-Whatever you call that cover over the horn and front junction box
-Rear cowl if you have one that hasn't been abandoned outside for a decade like mine was
-Whatever small, miscellaneous OEM bits that I'm almost certainly forgetting and that you might have kicking around

All parts have been tracked down. Just needs to be reassembled, but it's now complete.


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