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Ignition Coil Interchangeability


Does anyone know if an XL500 ignition coil will work on our FT500s?

I bought an '82 at the beginning of the pandemic not running for $400. No spark was the issue, after lots of testing and trial and error the CDI was the issue, replaced it with a Rick's unit and now it runs. However it runs way too rich regardless of the jetting I put in it. Won't do more than 70mph. I'm starting to suspect it's a spark issue not a fuel issue. I've replaced the stator, pulse generator, spark plug, and obviously the cdi without any change. The ignition coil is the only thing left. The aftermarket ones available that say they are for the FT500 don't look like the factory ones but the ones for the XL500 do. Based on the wiring diagrams and since they are basically the same engine it seems to me they should be interchangeable. Am I missing something or should the XL500 work on the FT500?

Is the XL500 6 or 12 volt system?

Based on what I can find online it seems Honda switched the XL500 to 12V in '82. The coil I ordered says it's for an '82 or '83 so it should be from a 12v system.


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