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Anyone Using A Deltran/Battery Tender LI Battery?


Interested in this one:

The built in protection circuit looks desirable to prevent over-charging.


I am using Bike master Lithiumion battery charger that is 12v 2amp for my battery's, I have four  lith battery's that I use the two
chargers I have on ,one on my FT but not much as I use the bike a lot, and one on a 2007 SV1000S Suzuki that right now does not get riddin much and two lith battery's that I use for a total loss system on one of my vintage race bikes, All the lith battery's that I use are Shorai type , The two bike master chargers I have used for a number of years now work good and where not that expensive   

I have an LI Battery Tender (charger) that I use on an Anti-Gravity battery.

Interested in the Deltran line of LI batteries. Pricing has come down since I bought the Anti-Gravity unit. The protection circuitry is what I'm interested in the most.



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