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Starting Trouble When Hot

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Although replacement" Choke plungers" are no longer available from Honda, there are "stand-alone" aftermarket ones (two required - one for each carb) that screw right in.  Not sure how to operate them since you'd need 3 hands but it's a possible option if the OEM ones are buggered. I recently bought a set just to see if they would fit and they do but I haven't actually installed them as there's nothing wrong with my OEM setup at this point.

Jack Straw:
When I install the three handed plungers I'll post results.

My other bike is an '08 KLR which uses a Keihin carb with a similar choke set-up.   Changing to the button plunger is a fairly common mod on these bikes.

in the meantime it's back to the hot start troubleshooting.   Pray for me.

Jack Straw:
Victory is mine.   Two new coils did the job. 8)

 :) :)

Jack Straw:
The button plungers for the choke work perfectly and they have a detent to hold them open so "three hands needed" is not an issue.   The stock cable on my bike was kinked and corroded so the button gizmos are a worthwhile change.

Now that the hot starting problem is fixed and I trust the chokes to close properly I can begin to take some shakedown cruises and simply enjoy the bike. 8)


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