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Nice work. I used a reamer to do the bearing holes.

Excellent thread with good blow by blow details of work done. Thanks for bringing us along.


In the mean time I've reopened the cylinder head cover and installed helicoils in the holes for bolts 2 and 4. For these you need to really drill quite deep and place the helicoil rather deep. To make room for the tap you have to open up the hole a bit more on the top.
A bit of a nerve wrecking exercise but all in all it worked really well and the head cover is back on with all the bolts nicely torqued.

I've also stripped the paint from the left side engine cover now and installed the needle bearings for the pinion.
I only need to do the sump and then the engine is completely finished!

Will start to take the frame apart to get the rust of and paint it.

The engine is completely back together and I stripped the frame and rust proofed and painted it.
Now in the progress of building it up again

Looks good.  :)


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