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Nice work.
What brand/type of starter spray did you use?

Brake cleaner....
almost anything flammable will work TBH.
Would even use deodorant spray on my mopeds back in highschool (always nice to have your moped smell like a teenage boy)

Ordered a bunch of parts to start overhauling the bike.
There is a lot of RTV everywhere, someone tried to RTV the leaking cam O-rings so will be taking it apart after I've tested it a bit.
Total list of ordered stuff:
- Upper engine mount (was missing)
- Lefthandside CBR600F rearset with shifter pedal
- Tank rubber mounts
- kickstand spring
- Plug for the rev drive hole (will run electric rev counter)
- TDC check cover
- Exhaust studs (Do not order the ones from CMSNL. they are m6x35 while the FT needs m6x45!)
- Overhaul kit for the CBR front forks (dust seals, oil seals, bushings, everything)
- Full gasket set
- Exhaust gaskets
- Brake lever
- Throttle tube because mine was internally broken.

What I am still looking for:
- Proper jets for the carb (Keihin N424-26 jets are almost unobtainable here. I can get n424-21s but those are too long)
- Airfilter, looking at a foam style filter
- Exhaust muffler (need to clean and repair the original rusted out one that came with the bike
- seat (looking for a classic endurance style seat)
- Half fairing (same as above)
- lights
- rear springs (cb750sc)
- tires (bridgestone s10)
- chain and sprockets
- front brake discs as these are worn
- braided brakelines
- small stuf I will surely find when working further on the bike

Got all my parts in before the weekend so took some time to install some of them.

Fitted my old rusty exhaust without muffler (muffler coming soon). Also fitted the CBR600 rearsets, some fab work required to the frame but think they will work great.
With the fully cleaned carb I wanted to try to get it running on actual gas instead of starter spray.
Hooked up the tank of my other FT as this has some relatively fresh gas in it.
She runs really good!
No strange engine sounds whatsoever.
Also ran her through some gears while on the stand and everything works as intended.

Looking good, thanks for the update!

Very cool!


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