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Stock Jet Size


Anyone happen to know the stock jet size for an 84 ascot.  Pretty sure a PO has monkeyed around with the carbs - the bike will start instantly and run fine in the dead of winter without using the choke - even after sitting for 6 months.  I occasionally have a stalling issue after a long deceleration  - I'm thinking it's running too rich and 'flooding' -  I'd like to try returning the jets to original if they've been changed. 

Carb with throttle cable hook up - 125 main , 38 pilot
2nd carb - 120 main, 38 pilot

I ended doing a complete carb rebuild.  Here's some of the interesting things I found:

    Wrong size main jet in both carbs and in the wrong order - larger one is supposed to be in the rear cylinder
    Wrong size Pilot jet in both carbs - they're supposed to be the same size - they weren't, and the front one was the larger than the rear one
    The slot head on both pilot jets were completely stripped off.  Had to use vice grips to remove them.
    One of the idle mixture screws broken off and not removable (I ended up using a different set of carb bodies)
    Tiny fuel filters on top of the float bowl fuel valves both missing
    Enrichener circuit (choke - sort of) plug slack measurement supposed to be 11mm, measured 23mm.
    There are only 4-O rings in the carb assembly - none were present
    The little spring loaded tit on one of the float needles (that presses against the float tang) was seized.
    One of the carb-to-airbox boots was on upside down


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