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Choke Plunger Alternative ??


Found a reference to these in a Facebook post.  Apparently they fit the VT500C and presumably VT500FT as well.  I know the cable operated choke plungers (for lack of a better expression) have not been available for years.  This might be a viable alternative.

Note the comments lower down in the listing.

--- Quote from: "" ---"Fits my Keihin!

I was skeptic on purchasing this because its for a Mikuni and I have a Keihin carb.  But it fits my 85' Honda VT500C perfectly.  I only bought 1 just to make sure it would fit, so now I just got to buy 1 more.
I'm cleaning up the bike and getting rid of the cables.  They were clugged up shut anyways so the cable lever wouldn't even move.
These are half the price of a Keihin brand choke plunger and will work.  They even lock open as well.  Highly recommend this, great quality!"
--- End quote ---

Maybe there's even a way to adapt parts from the eBay item to the original cable operated version.

Jack Straw:
These plungers are a great solution to old, worn, units, and sticky cables.  I'm ordering a couple.


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