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Wire Wheel conversions

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Would like to hear from anyone who has done a wire wheel conversion . ? I Have aguired a front wheel from a 76 77 Honda Goldwing which used a nice alloy one, has a 15 mm axel size so it a straight forward swap on the front ,difference is it uses a 5 bolt disk and I will have to find one with the right offset and diameter and make spacers I plan on using Vapor Tech for the speedo and such, Now with that said I am looking for a rear wire wheel that has a cush drive that might work. If you have done this conversion Also I have already done a 520 chain conversion on the stock rear wheel. I would like to know what you used ? Hoping to get it done over the winter

I've only seen a few spoked wheel conversions.
Here is one:

I don't think there is an "easy" way to go about it. I think I would look at Honda XR & XL bikes. Finding a spoked hub with a cush-drive that will work for your swap is the trick.


Thanks have been following his post on his front end and wire wheel conversion for some time now. XR or XL one I think I could make work but would like to stick with a disk on the back even though I rarely use it .I am considering using a Barnes hub and wheel like I use on my dirt track bikes but they do not have a cush unit in the hub, My FT seems pretty smooth for a single cylinder bike so I might give that a go with a Barnes hub ,that would be very straight forward and simple but costs a lot lol , so for the time being I will keep my eyes and ears open for something that will cost less and work. I know there is one that works with not to much machine work out there just need to find it. In the mean time I will work on the front one. 

Perhaps some of the modern large dual sport adventure bikes might provide a spoked cush-drive hub with a disc mount.

You could try the rear wheel of a honda NX650.
That is a wire wheel of the same time period from honda with a disc.
Might be hard to find though.

For a front wheel you could try the old CB600 four.
Again not that easy to find but honda usually is like lego's so easier to fit than anything else.

The rear wheel of the BMW that I used together with the full braking setup was not that hard to adapt.
Had to make some spacers and machine the brake caliper holder and the sprocket holder a bit but now it fits fine (with a 520 chain).

Good luck!


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