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Another Dutch FT500 Project


Hi There,

I've finally got my little project to a condition that can be shown for comments and most importantly, that can be driven :)
as internal customisations: The Electric wiring is completely re-done and replaced for the most by an M-Unit and obvious rejetting required, give the K&N air filter and the open exhaust (this might be replaced by a SuperTrap).

the frame has been shortened and braced under the seat (donor is a Ducati Scrambler from the '70).
the Tank is from a CB350.
currently is mounting a Daytona Velona speedo, but probably will be replaced. or removed all together.
I've pulled the forks of about 1cm to improved the handling, but I'll be replacing these with VF500F or CBR600 (95/98) forks.

there are some heavier works that I plan to do, but will wait for the winter for these.

so, I'm open to your comments guys :)

posting a larger size. went a bit cheap on the bite :)

Nice another Dutchy, welcome!

Waar in Nederland kom je vandaan?

Very creative bike, I think a shorter front fork will look nice.

Good luck with the build!

Thanks Kansloos,

Amsterdam, but recently moved to Diemen.

During the winter I’ll  be installing forks and few more things to make it ready for the flat track. These forks wouldn’t last a season. I’ll post pictures of my endeavors.



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