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CDI upgrades



do anyone here know of an improved CDI except the one made by Rick's Motorsport Electrics ? I am asking since that one gets crazy expensive with shipping and customs to Europe. On Ebay I have found other brands, Arrowhead and SGR which seem to have the jumpers on it to provide the higher redline setting.

Any experiences from the good people here?

(also posted this on the Yahoo group)

I replaced mine with the one from Ricks 6 or 7 months ago and it has worked just fine ,I have mine set at the lower rpm redline as I am not using the bike as a high performance bike. My stock one worked fine but being as old as it was I just replaced it for good measure 

Thanks, that is how I am reasoning as well. Head on over to the Yahoo group page, there's an interesting discussion going on around this subject over there.


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